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RSC Designs has well over 15 years of experience in the professional graphic design industry, and can handle nearly any type of project for your business. From iRacing paint schemes to business cards and banners to yard signs, whether you need just the artwork or the finished product, we've got you covered!

iRacing Paint Schemes

Tired of racing the bland designs from the in-game paint shop? Or are you wanting to race something mor original than what's found on Trading Paints?We've got you covered.

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Huski Chocolate IndyCar Style

ARCA National Impala / Gen 4 Cup

Johns Manville/Menards

Silver Crown

Matt DiBenedetto Fict. Throwback

NASCAR Ford Mustang - Gen 6

Business Products

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Custom Logo Designs

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Business Products

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Aluminum Signs

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Corrugated Plastic Signs

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Vinyl Banners

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Vehicle Magnets

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Building Signage

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Promotional Products

From small businesses with yourself as the only employee, to Fortune 500 companies with offices all over the world, promotional products help keep your brand in front of your customers all the time! We offer a massive line of promotional products, custom imprinted with your business information.

Paper Products

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Tradeshow & Event Products

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iRacing Paint Schemes

RSC Wraps & Designs has gone through several name changes throughout the years but one thing has remained the same, our commitment to delivering highly detailed and realistic sim racing paint schemes.

Available Vehicles

Cars not listed above, including Legacy content, are also available!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your paint schemes cost?
We have a wide range of options starting at USD $20. Some cars are naturally more expensive due to the complexity of the design templates.
What kind of files do I get?
Upon completion of your paint scheme, all customers will receive a high resolution TGA file along with instructions for both Trading Paints as well as the iRacing in-game Paint Shop, such as number style and colors. If your package included addons such as custom spec maps, custom numbers and driver signatures, you'll receive those (PNG) as well. Fully layered PSD files are only included in the Plainum Paints package.
What is the typical turnaround time?
The short answer is that it depends on the type of car requested. Some templates, like the IndyCar Dallara IR18, are much more complex than simpler ones such as the NASCAR Cup Series template, and take much longer to produce. Our turnaround times to receive your first concept range anywhere from 2-3 business days to more than a week, and varies depending on IRL circumstances.
Can you create me a logo along with the car?
Unfortunately no, custom company logos are a completely separate service that we offer. For a quote on a custom logo, please contact us for more information. If you're looking for cheap logos, there are other online services available.
Can I have it edited at a later date?
Absolutely! We can change out sponsor logos, driver signatures, or numbers at a very minimal cost.
For more complex edits such as color swaps, contact us for more information.
Can you paint me a car for free?
Sorry, we don't work for free.
Can I see any deisgn ideas before starting an order?
At RSC Designs, we are 100% against spec (speculative) work. We believe it is unethical to ask our design team to submit designs in the hopes of getting paid. After all, you wouldn't ask a contractor to build you a patio "just to see if you like it" before paying for it.
I don't use iRacing. Can you paint for NR2003 or another sim?
Unfortunately, we only support iRacing at the current time. If at any time that changes, we'll notify our customers via our website and social media channels.


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Basic Paints

  • Basic Spec Maps (Choice of full Gloss, Matte, or Satin)

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Standard Paints

Includes everything from Basic package plus:

  • Custom Numbers

  • Advanced Spec Maps

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Premium Paints

Includes everything from Standard package plus:

  • Custom Driver Signature

  • Two Versions ¹ (1 Day & 1 Night Design)

  • Original Layered PSD ²

Starting at $20

Starting at $35

Starting at $50

Paint Scheme Request Form

Before submitting your request:
Please let us know exactly what you're looking for in a paint scheme, including primary and secondary sponsors, custom or sim-stamped numbers, manufacturers, colors, and any other details necessary for a custom paint scheme. Full payment must be made before we will send over finalized TGA files and any other design assets.

Disclaimers & Fine Print
Due to varying workloads, not all projects or turnaround times will be feasible. Please contact us for a consultation. We will not design any paint scheme that violates iRacing's Custom Paint Policy which include but are not limited to; indecency, obscenity, illegal acts or products, harassment, expressions of hatred, bigotry, or racism. We will also politely refuse any paint scheme requests that are affiliated with any political party or candidate, regardless of affiliation.
¹ • Night version of paint scheme will be designed only after primary/day version of paint scheme is approved and finalized.² • Layered PSD file is only supported for use in Adobe Photoshop (2021). File will not be modified or changed for use in any other design software. RSC Designs is not responsible for any errors caused by the files use in any program other than Adobe Photoshop (2021).

Create a memorable brand for your business!

Your company's logo is usually the first opportunity that you'll have to connect with a customer. A successful logo is one that not just conveys who you are and what you do, but also one that sets you apart from your competition.We work with you from start to finish throughout the entire process, to help figure out the image that you want to convey to your customers. The logo files that you'll receive will work for everything from website and social media, to all types of printing including business cards and letterhead, to banners and even storefront signage!

Logo Design FAQs

What do I need to think about before starting a logo design project?
Text go here.
Can I see any deisgn ideas before starting an order?
At RSC Designs, we are 100% against spec (speculative) work. We believe it is unethical to ask our design team to submit designs in the hopes of getting paid. After all, you wouldn't ask a contractor to build you a patio "just to see if you like it" before paying for it.
I found this logo that I like. Can you copy it?
Absolutely not. You may have heard that if you change a logo by 10%, you'll be "safe" from lawsuits. The truth is that copyright law is more complicated and there's no way to argue what a 10% change in a logo might be. Either way, at RSC Designs, we pride ourselves in creating meaningful logos for our customers, and will never outright copy an existing design.
What color should I choose?
This is probably the most commonly asked question. Sometimes, it works best to choose a color that helps communicate an emotional message. Or sometimes, it helps to be more unique. For example, just because you're in the lawn care business, doesn't mean that your logo has to be green. And just because you're a patriotic person, doesn't mean you have to include red, white, and blue in your logo.
What's the best font to use?
Text go here.
Do I own the copyright for the final logo?
Absolutely! Before your logo files are sent to you, you'll be asked to sign a copyright transfer form, which will transfer all claims to copyrights over to you. We may still showcase your logo in our portfolio or in any other promotional materials.
What kind of logo files will I get?
Text go here.
Can you send me the fonts used for my logo?
Text go here.
I lost my logo files. Can you send them to me again?
While we try our best to keep all of our customer's files backed up, we strongly suggest that you use a reputable online file storage service, such as Google Drive, to store your logo files.

About RSC Designs

RSC Designs was started in 2003 as a simple website called Race Scheme Central, a design resource site for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. At that site, we posted layered 'base schemes', numbers and logos for public use in their sim race car designs. Sadly, due to numerous issues, the site was forced to move from webhost to webhost and eventually shut down for good in 2006. The RSC name lived on through its founder, eventually branching out to graphic design projects outside of the sim racing world.The founder of RSC Designs, Jason, has been in the professional printing & graphic design industry for over 17 years, and has designed everything from simple business cards and brochures, to vehicle wraps and promotional products.

The first RSC logo from 2003.

One of my personal NR2003 paint schemes from 2006.

RSC Designs logo from 2005.

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